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Naavi are building a future of friendly, well-designed software to help organisations improve their connections to their community.

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Naavi Products

Naavi iNewsletter
Built from the ground up, iNewsletter is the first truly online, multi-page newsletter platform. Designed for schools who want to produce a more visually appealing newsletter with minimal effort.
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Naavi Sites
Coming Soon
Naavi Sites makes the creation of a website as easy as writing a document. With clever ways to ensure your content is up to date and the same beautiful look, Sites will be a great fit for your community.
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Tucked away in the beautiful Bayside setting, Naavi are a lean team of designers, programmers and critical thinkers. We build things that are exceptional, suprising and delightful.

Less, but better

- Dieter Rams


Michael Bates
Head of Product
Michael is a self-taught full-stack software engineer who has been developing software for over 10 years. He is a skilled engineer with a strong understanding of both the front-end and back-end of software development. His considerable passion and experience of working in and with schools continues to result in exceptional outcomes for school communities.
Blake Seufert
Head of Design
Blake Seufert is a renowned Educational Technology leader. Having worked with major companies like Google and Microsoft and consulted with over 100 schools, Blake brings his design focus and wide experience in education to deliver world-class technologies and systems for schools.

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