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Naavi are building a future of friendly, well-designed technology to help education rapidly improve how learning happens. Let’s get to work.


From the very beginning we put design first. A person’s experience is just as important as the capability. We believe in building strong learning communities as a starting point for great education.



iNewsletter is our flagship product. Built from the ground up, it is the first truly online, multi-page newsletter platform. Designed for schools who want to produce a more visually appealing newsletter with minimal effort, uptake on the platform has been great, seeing many schools enjoy the benefits of an online newsletter.

Naavi Classroom Sync

Naavi Classroom Sync is a free Google Sheets add on that allows teachers and administrators to sync Google Classroom courses from data contained in a spreadsheet. Maintaining classes, students and teachers in Google Classroom on a large scale (and even a small scale) can be daunting, but this add on lets you sync your timetable and other classes to Google Classroom

Naavi Group Sync

Naavi Classroom Sync is a free Google Sheets add on that allows anyone to create and update Google Groups from data stored in a Google Sheet. This is particularly useful for schools that want to create groups for each class or faculty. If you have a list of classes or faculties in a Google Sheet, you can easily use this to create Google Groups for each of these.

Naavi Email Merge

Naavi Email Merge is a free Google Sheets add on that allows anyone to send bulk personalized emails using their own Gmail account with data stored in a Google Sheet. Sending bulk email with personalizations can be tricky with traditional email marketing platforms where they are typically overkill for this simple task. This add on makes the task easy and straightforward.


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