New wave products for education

Naavi have a long history and clear passion for software in education. We believe that friendly, approachable technology can make a big difference to educating students for the future. Our lean company focuses on products that can rapidly improve learning, productivity and communication in education and beyond.

"Our vision is to accelerate education at scale with technology"


iNewsletter is Naavi's flagship product. Built from the ground up, it is the first truly online, multi-page newsletter platform. Designed for schools who want to produce a more visually appealing newsletter with minimal effort, uptake on the platform has been great, seeing many schools enjoy the benefits of an online newsletter.

Classroom Sync

Naavi Classroom Sync is a Google Sheets addon that allows teachers and administrators to create Google Classroom courses/classes in bulk from data stored in a Google Sheet. The tool is especially useful for domain admins to create classes on behalf of teachers at the start of the school year.


Blake Seufert & Michael Bates are the Naavi Co-founders